Maisy The Standing Mouse 55cm


Maisy The Standing Mouse, 55cm in height wearing a scarf for the season

Maisy is a rustic standing mouse decoration with an adorable seasonal outfit and cute face.

Most of these have sold out before going on here but we have a couple in stock at the moment.


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Maisy the Standing Mouse is a charming sight is a beautiful fabric mouse, its legs standing proud at 55cm, to stand on any flat surface.  Clothed in a warm shade of brown, this large yet delightful mouse stands with an air of grace. This endearing fabric creation is destined to infuse a sense of comfort and snugness into the ambience of any home decor. Whether displayed as part of year-round interior design or as an accent during the festive Christmas season, this mouse exudes an irresistible appeal.

Draped in its snug attire, tailored to match the joyous seasonal spirit, Maisy wears a seasonal ensemble with pride. The details of its outfit, combined with the addition of fuzzy fur trimmings, create a heartwarming and inviting aesthetic. With a long hat adorning its head, this mouse captures the essence of the season.

Picture this little wonder stood on a sideboard, where it instantly becomes a focal point, radiating its enchantment throughout the room. Alternatively, envision it gracing a windowsill, where its presence harmonizes with the outside world's seasonal beauty. Moreover, imagine it nestled atop a fireplace, its cosy charisma contributing to the seasonal atmosphere that fills the air during this time of year.

In essence, this large, brown fabric mouse, meticulously designed and adorned, holds the power to elevate the allure of any space it inhabits. Its ability to evoke feelings of comfort, nostalgia, and seasonal cheer is truly remarkable."

*Please note, Maisy is not a toy


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