I Shook my Family Tree Hanging Sign, 23cm


I Shook my Family Tree Hanging Sign, 23cm is a fabulous funny wooden sign with an eco-friendly rope handle which is a perfect gift or even for your own home.

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I Shook My Family Tree Hanging Sign, is 23 cm in size, it is an enchantingly unique wooden sign infused with the delightful essence of rural charm, boasting an intricately designed family tree and accompanying printed scripture. This whimsical creation stands as a splendid embodiment of an affectionate, fun-loving family. A remarkable and lighthearted gift choice that is bound to tickle the fancy of even the most eccentric of families.

Measuring graceful 23 x 10.5 centimetres, this piece is crafted to perfection, encapsulating both the sentiment of family ties and a touch of playfulness. Its quirky aesthetics and warm-hearted inscription make it a delightful addition to any living space, spreading joy and laughter with its jovial message. This charming wooden sign is sure to find a cherished spot within the heart of a boisterous household, radiating laughter and love for years to come.


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