Elephant Plant Hanger in Matte Grey


A gorgeous Elephant Plant Hanger in Matte Grey – a delightful decorative piece designed to hang elegantly from your cherished plant pots.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this ornament features a matte grey ceramic finish adorned with an intricate floral motif, adding a touch of timeless elegance to your living space.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance the cosiness of your own home or looking for a heartwarming gift for a dear friend, this sweet elephant ornament is the perfect choice to bring joy and sophistication to any interior setting.

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The Elephant Plant Hanger in Matte Grey is so lovely, great as a gift or for your own decor

Product Description:

Uplift the charm of your beloved houseplants with this delightful elephant ornament – a whimsical addition to your indoor green oasis!

Crafted with precision from ceramic in a soothing pale grey hue, this endearing plant pot companion boasts an exquisite floral motif. What makes it truly unique is its versatile design, as it can be effortlessly suspended from its trunk, injecting a playful touch into any planter arrangement.

Looking for a thoughtful gift for a fellow plant enthusiast? Look no further! This charismatic elephant is the perfect choice to infuse character and joy into their botanical haven.


Product Size & Material:

  • Dimensions: 6cm in width x 11.5cm in height x 4cm in depth
  • Material: Ceramic


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